Strumicka Mastika has been drunk in the Strumica region for more than 300 years. We are proud to have the responsibility to keep the tradition of production and the secret of the recipe. Strumicka Mastika is a strong drink enjoyed for centuries. It is made according to a recipe that dates back to the fourth century BC. The best Mastika is produced in the Strumica region, widely known as a producer of the highest quality grape varieties. Unusual for others, Strumicka Mastika is made from grape distillate made from selected varieties.

The taste of Strumicka Mastika is obtained with a unique aroma of anise and bargam honey, giving each sip is a special pleasure. Numerous awards won in the country and in the world testify to our quality, but our greatest award is your enjoyment of Strumicka Mastika. As an aperitif, Strumicka Mastika can be consumed with fresh vegetables, milk salads or fresh fruit. Can be combined with all natural juices and all types of mineral waters.

Compliance :
Product quality and safety are not only the goal and basis for our current operations but also our development and progress;
Guiding principles:
Production of quality safe and recognizable alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and
continuous improvement and re-examination of the quality and safety system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 22000: 2005;

  • Meeting the requirements and exceeding the expectations of the customers through professional
    and timely delivery with the least costs;
  • Maintaining partnerships with our suppliers;
  • Performing the agreed activities with maximum engagement, efficiency and application of the highest hygiene standards;
  • Contribution to the state and society by caring for the environment and preserving natural
    resources, as well as increasing environmental awareness among employees;
  • Care for the health and safety of employees;
  • Continuous training and education of employees as a basic support of the quality and safety system;
  • Ensuring competitive advantage in the international market;
  • Monitoring the world market demands when introducing new products;
  • Increase the control of the safety of the finished products during the production process.

MOTO: With a tradition towards the future.

AD GROZD Strumica is committed to perform all aspects of its operations in a safe and responsible manner that protects the environment and the community where it operates.

In accordance with this obligation we set and monitor:

  • Ambitious goals to prevent harmful environmental impact;
  • Proactive management of environmental risks to ensure compliance with applicable legal and other requirements;
  • We work effectively to integrate all aspects of the environment into processes, planning and decision-making;
  • We are flexible due to the continuous improvement of the realized contribution to the environment;
  • We openly inform all stakeholders, including buyers and users of end products, of our goals;
  • We work as a team to promote the positive values within which each employee accepts personal responsibility for environmental protection.


We realize our ambition for environmental protection through an efficient wastewater controlsystem, dust emission, noise and waste gases.