The winery of GROZD, AD Strumicko Pole is authentically Macedonian and reflects the union of the past, present and future, the traditions and the modern approach.

The location, construction and contents of the winery are a combination which from a functional and aesthetic point of view leaves a great impression. When planning development, attention is paid to the preservation of traditional values and their adaptation to the needs of the modern  wine market.

The exterior style of the wine cellar reflects the image of the product. The space of the walls is used in a subtle way related to the history of the vineyards and the heritage.

Grozd Winery, AD Strumicko Pole, has many years of experience and tradition of more than 50 years in wine production. It has the infrastructure, modern technologies, equipment and human resources for successful production.

The grapes of AD Strumicko Pole are provided by their own 700 hectares of vineyards in Strumica-Radovis wine region, which is located in the southeastern part of the Republic of North Macedonia. This area is influenced by the Mediterranean climate which in the higher parts turns into temperate-continental, and the long ripening process in these climatic conditions concentrates the sugar and acids of the grapes, providing rich colors and aromas in our wines. The complexity of our wines is recognizable and unique.

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100 m3
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